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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Putting the public back into the school system

by Curmilus Dancy II

Do we really want to put the
public back in the Edgecombe County Public School System? The monthly meeting was not posted in either of the 2 local newspapers. I visited the Edgecombe County Public Schools Website to see what was on the agenda and I didn't see anything about the Monday August 8 meeting. I have asked to have the agenda forwarded to me however I prefer emailed to me at my cost. But the ECPS say they wanted to put the public back in the schools. I don't think so.

During the public comment session Yolanda Thigpen President of the Edgecombe County NAACP asked the board to come up with a way to get parents, staff and others out to the meetings. In order to speak during the public comment session you must speak to what is on the agenda. How can you really be prepared to speak if you don't know what is on the agenda until you arrive at the meeting. I like to prepare my speech in writing so that I can present my documentation to the board. Again ECPS do not want to put the public back into the schools.

During the recognition session of the meeting the Ebonette Club (black organization) was recognized for their hosting of their Annual Back to School Bash at the Indian Lake where they provided 900 children with school supplies. G.W. Carver Alumni (black organization) President Joe Edge and some of the members presented a check for $5,000 to G.W. Carver to be used towards computers and/or technology.
Again talking about putting the public back into the school. However I have a problem with the donation when G.W. Carver do not have a black certified teacher at the school. I feel strongly feel that the donation should have reflected the school trying to bring in black certified teachers. These 2 items were not mentioned in the article by the Daily Southerner editor Terry Smith who covered the meeting on Monday night.

I am always observing the people in meetings. It never seems to amaze me how some white staff members look at black folks especially board members, parents and others when they question issues/concerns during meetings. I have noticed that when board member Dr. Florence Arnold Armstrong, Associate Superintendent Sandra Jones and some other black folks ask questions or make comments pertaining to agenda items I see some white staff members (women) watching each other and making negative gestures. It was brought to my attention on Monday night by someone that they observed one of the staff as it is believed that the person stated, Dr. Armstrong is asking B.S. questions. If there are some folks who believe that elder black adults are not suppose to ask questions then when I hear the children say they are singled out for asking questions in the classroom, then we have a problem in Edgecombe County. I was taught by my parents and others at home and in the community, in school and on the job to ask questions when one is in doubt. I find it to be the best practice to ask questions when one sits on boards so one can be clear on what one is voting on.

My question is do we really want to put the public back in Edgecombe County Public Schools?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Board of Elections Appointments included in bill

N.C. budget provision intervenes in elections board flap - Budget-writers waded into a conflict Tuesday between Gov. Mike Easley and the chairman of the state Democratic Party over appointments to the State Board of Elections. A provision in the budget bill no longer would require Easley to choose board members from a list of nominees presented to him by the Democratic and Republican parties. Easley was supposed to pick a new five-member board in May but that's been delayed in part because the nominees from party Chairman Jerry Meek didn't include one current incumbent, attorney Bob Cordle of Charlotte.

TPA - Sources say that Cordle promoted the experimental pilot program that would use uncertified digital systems to "verify" the vote instead of letting the voters verify it themselves.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

DCN Newsletter - Political Awareness for Tuesday August 9, 2005

By Curmilus Dancy II

Please click on underlined text to read the entire article. I trust that you will enjoy these articles as I have spent much time preparing them for you. See my comments and please click on comments and share your thoughts with others. The Political Agitator will keep you informed whenever time permits so therefore you may receive The DCN Newsletter, The DCN Breaking News and other daily and/or weekly and anytime of the day or night.

Elections board doesn't wait for governor - If you heard a grinding noise coming from North Harrington Street in downtown Raleigh last week, it was the State Board of Elections jump-starting the state's election machinery for the fall municipal elections. But they did it in an unusual way. Normally this is the way it works: The governor appoints a new State Board of Elections, which in turn appoints local election boards for all 100 counties.

TPA - This is the first time I have heard of this happening, however I do feel this is a good thing. I am glad the State Board did the right thing and appointed the names that were submitted for Edgecombe County. We have a new board and I hope to see some new changes in the office here in the county. It is
time for a change.

Political Question of the Week
Do you want to know that your vote counted? If yes, which would you prefer?

1. Voted Verified paper ballots

2. Touchscreen DREs to optical scan

N.C. Coalition for Verifiable Voting for more information.


Investment fraud suspect sentenced on drug charges - A group of about 30 people who claim Joe Jones scammed them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars were in court Monday to hear his punishment for a drug conviction.

Thirteen more file in fall elections - Thirteen people filed for Twin Counties municipal elections Friday before the noon deadline, but two seats still remain open. Only three people filed for Speed's five open commissioner positions, meaning at least two write-in candidates will win, said Gayle Hudson, Edgecombe County elections director ...

Two seats contested - Doris Jones is contesting District 7 representative Bill Pitt, who has served on council since 1992.

TPA - This is quite interesting because I know Jones who is a former NAACP President in Wilson County. I also served on the Nash Edgecombe Economic Development Inc. (NEED ) Board with Jones. I was told that Jones and Pitt is some kin.

Sprinkle challenges in Ward 7 - Tarboro's municipal election finally has a little bit of drama with Ward 7 councilman David Smoot being challenged for his seat by Sharon Sprinkle. Sprinkle, 42, is an assistant district attorney ...

DA continues fight for crime victims - District Attorney Howard S. Boney Jr. says he will seek re-election in 2006. The campaign will mark the seventh time Boney has run for district attorney of the 7th Judicial District, which covers Edgecombe, Nash and Wilson counties. Boney, 57, was first elected in 1978. Appeals in capital murder cases can drag on for years, frustrating victims' families who seek justice and closure, Boney said. "I believe strongly in the death penalty," he said. Boney puts his faith in the U.S. criminal justice system, though he admits it is not a flawless system.

TPA - I wonder does Boney belief in the death penalty play a role in the reason why House Rep. Joe Pat Tolson D - Edgecombe County is against the moratorium on the death penalty.

Two new members named to Wilson County Board of Elections - Both Democrats on the Wilson County Board of Elections have been replaced by the State Board of Elections. Pat Fitch and former Wilson City Manager Ed Wyatt will replace current board chairman Thomas Eatmon and Celia Brinson. Eatmon has served on the board since 1993 and Brinson since 2003.

Valley native competes for Miss Black USA title - A Roanoke Rapids native is hitting the stage and hoping for a big break. Twenty-three-year-old Rhonda Patterson, currently Miss Black North Carolina ...

Woodland remembers 'Chief Joe' - A special ceremony opened the Woodland Board of Commissioners meeting Thursday night. Just before the board convened for business, Mayor Margaret Burgwyn, Police Chief Don Ryan and members of the board presented Joyce White with a framed uniform worn by her late husband, Police Chief Joe White ...

TPA - Chief Joe White is the brother of Carl White. Carl is the Hertford County NAACP President and the NAACP District 11 Director. I never met Chief Joe but I have been knowing Carl since the 90's and I think highly of him. I am quite sure his brother was as others have said, a fine man.

Williams is Hertford County manager - Loria Williams, the woman some derided as incompetent, undereducated and unprofessional, was hired as the top administrator in Hertford County exactly one week after three commissioners ousted her from the same position in Warren County.

Butterfield urges ECC graduates to get involved - Edgecombe County Community College graduates were urged to realize that current events affect their future at Friday night's commencement ceremony. Melvin Muhammad of Tarboro said that graduating from college was awesome because ...

Schools slip in year-end performance assessment - Steady gains in tests that measure North Carolina students' math and reading skills have leveled off after a decade, signaling that educators now face the toughest phase in their efforts to improve school performance, state officials said Thursday.


Political ads should be paid for by candidates - The first political advertisement of the season was in Thursday's edition of The Daily Southerner. Did you see it? It was on page 2. It was informing everyone of the Career Day at Princeville's Town Hall this morning.

IT'S AGREED: 'OUR CHILD WELFARE SYSTEM HAS PROBLEMS' - I am writing this letter because I am extremely disappointed in the Edgecombe County Department of Social Services (Child Protective Services) and their superiors.

TPA - Marvin Rouse is doing a great work in Edgecombe County since his short time here. He is very sincere about the work of the Department of Social Services and is working hard to move Edgecombe County forward.

Calendar of Events

Sunday, August 07, 2005

"PayDay Lending" in North Carolina and some major players

by Curmilus Dancy II

I understand that some folks especially black folks need to be able to put their hands on some MONEY quick fast and in a hurry sometimes. The problem is that these folks do not worry about the interest rates because they are so excited about just being able to reach out and touch the GREEN.

I received the article "Jones friend of payday lenders" by Afrique Kilimanjaro Carolina Peacemakers a couple of days ago and I found it to be quite interesting. I had some concerns about "NAACP President Melvin 'Skip' Alston lack of words.

One of my fellow bloggers did a helluva response on his blog and I can concur with what he had to say. See what Seymour Hardy had to say about President Skip Alston's comment about PayDay Lending in his article "State Rep. Earl Jones Bossed and Bought By Payday Lenders?"

I also was stunned by NAACP President Melvin Skip Alston lack of words if you want to call it that. No, let me stop joking because I was not stunned. I call it playing it safe since his seat is on the line in October.

What happened to Jaheim?

by Curmilus Dancy II

I am trying to figure out why the Rocky Mount Telegram continue to do follow up articles about little Jaheim Cooper. Little Jaheim suffered through dozens of brutal beatings and a dunking in scalding water that left him with severe burns over 35 percent of his little body, authorities said. I know this was an horrendous incident but I have a couple of questions.

1. Why does this incident grant the continued coverage?

2. I wonder would the Telegram continue to do follow up articles about this incident if the child in question was not black?

3. With all the continued coverage, how will a jury be effective when it is time for those accused to go to trial?

4. Is the telegram concerned about the trial being fair and inpartial?

I feel that sometimes the papers will try to find something to sell some newspapers. I feel that since Andre Knight has paid his taxes, the paper has been somewhat kind of slow. I feel that the incident surrounding little Jaheim is the ideal story to generate some discussion for "Speak Up" and also front page coverage to sell newspapers. But this is just my opinion and I would like to know what others think?

Note: Click on underlined text for more details.