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Friday, July 22, 2005

Paper trail required under bill

North Carolina Coalition for Verified Voting

Counties would have to keep record of ballots, perform sample recounts
A Senate committee Thursday recommended new voting machine standards that would require a paper record of each ballot cast and require sample hand counts to ensure accurate totals.

Kudos to Senator Janet Cowell on protesting the Pilot Program that NC Verified and Computer Scientists oppose:

Sen. Janet Cowell, a Raleigh Democrat and the only committee member to vote against the bill, said she didn't like a provision that would allow the State Board of Elections to experiment during the 2006 elections with alternatives to a paper record of a ballot. That might include audio playbacks of a voter's choice or a photographic image of an electronic ballot.

"Voters don't want to be experimented on," said Joyce McCloy with the grass-roots N.C. Coalition for Verified Voting.

*Good News*

The Senate Judiciary I committee has approved the 29th version of SB223 and moved it to the appropriations/base budget committee this morning. It was good to finally get the bill moving along.

We still have concerns about the following amendments still attached to the bill:
1. require a paper ballot style (ballot on a reel) that violates secrecy of the ballot

2. serve as a beta test for private companies for "alternative vote verification systems"

Our message to Appropriations/Base Budget Committee is simple:
1. Move very quickly on hearing and passing the bill.

2. Add an amendment that limits state funding to comply with the bill to the cheapest
voting system.

Counties wanting the more expensive DRE/touchscreen machines will have to come up with additional funds on their own. DREs/touchscreens cost 2 times as much as optical scanners.

3. Add an amendment that probits state funding or HAVA funds to be spent on the pilot project.

The localities that want it must pay for it.

Contact information for the Appropriations/Base Budget Committee: Emails followed by phone calls for most impact! Thank you for your part in saving our vote!

Joyce McCloy

The North Carolina Coalition for Verified Voting is a grassroots organization fighting for clean and verified elections.

Contact Joyce McCloy, Coordinator, N.C. Coalition for Verifiable Voting - phone 336-794-1240 -
email: website:
Join our group:

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

DCN Newsletter - Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Political Agitator

Report: Pitt third in the state for gangs - Pitt County ranks third in North Carolina in terms of gang organizations, with almost 30 groups operating locally, according to a recent study by the Governor's Crime Commission. The eight-page report lists both the total number of gangs and gang members in each county during 2004 and 1999.

TPA - This is sad because this is around 25 miles from my hometown. This means there are probably some gang activities going on in Edgecombe County and if not it can hit here at anytime.

Changes coming in drug coverage
- Starting Jan. 1, recipients who receive prescription drug coverage from both federal Medicare and state Medicaid will no longer receive Medicaid drug coverage and will have to buy into a private prescription drug, said Marvin Rouse, director of the Edgecombe County Department of Social Services.

Princeville Ward 3 attracts trio - The race for Princeville's Ward 3 commissioner seat is getting crowded with a third candidate filing for election. Ann Adams, 54, declared her candidacy, joining incumbent Isabelle Baker and L'Kenya Farmer.

State/National NEWS
2-year study better than moratorium
- The proposed two-year pause in executing death row prisoners in North Carolina is at once heart-felt and mischievous.

Former QB Shuler to run for Congress - Former NFL quarterback Heath Shuler is mounting a challenge for the U.S. House seat held by Republican Charles Taylor of Brevard. Shuler, a Democrat who lives in Waynesville, said in a statement Monday that he has filed papers with the Federal Election Commission that clear the way for him to run next year in the 11th Congressional District. Taylor, an eight-term incumbent, has been targeted by the state Democratic Party in recent months. The party has released a series of statements attacking Taylor's ethics and under the leadership of new party chair Jerry Meek has created a task force aimed at shoring up Democratic prospects in the western mountains.

REPARATIONS MOVEMENT IN TROUBLE - Is the movement to have reparations paid to the descendants of enslaved Africans in trouble?

''AN ISSUE STILL BURNING'' AND ''OPPOSE GENTRIFICATION'' - An issue still burning Two weeks ago, the National Newspaper Publishers Association, a group of over 200 African-American newspapers from across the country, honored your Wilmington Journal for publishing the Best Editorial of 2004 titled “Oppose gentrification.”

UNFINISHED BUSINESS--PART 111 - Many Americans know nothing about our nation’s horrible history of lynching. They don’t know that thousands of Americans died by being hung on a tree by a mob of vigilantes, often Klansmen in their white hoods. They don’t know that not only were they hung, but many of them were castrated, some were also burned alive.

WHITE DAMSELS IN DISTRESS - Whether conscious or subconscious, the White-owned news media goes into a frenzy whenever there appears to be a White damsel in distress.


Edgecombe County schools have work to do - "They raised the bar on us," one educator said when we asked about the latest annual yearly progress (AYP) scores. That's correct. This year schools in North Carolina had to meet higher performance targets in order to make "annual yearly progress."

Only two meet new standard - Preliminary data shows that only two schools in Edgecombe County met the federal No Child Left Behind annual yearly progress (AYP) for 2004-05 school year. Bullock and Princeville Montessori elementary schools are the only two schools that met the standard.

High school results stalled - Nash-Rocky Mount Schools are in limbo as they wait to release federal mandated test results for the 2004-05 school year. Some high schools throughout North Carolina, including Nash-Rocky Mount's, were unable to release the results because of discrepancies in student data, said Reed Jackson, executive director of accountability for Nash-Rocky Mount Schools.

- One of the state’s most prominent civil rights leaders will announce his candidacy for president of the North Carolina Conference of NAACP Branches next week, The Wilmington Journal has learned.


Tarboro needs jobs - Tarboro plans to build an arts center in the old Clark building on Main Street. On that same block, they have already built the luxury apartments only the wealthy can afford, and now they have opened a restaurant where the prices are so high that only the rich can go there to eat.

TPA - I agree with Tarboro needs jobs.

Participants talk about need and opportunities in Edgecombe County - The state of Tarboro and Edgecombe County was the topic of discussion Wednesday afternoon as Charlie Gaddy and the "WRAListens" tour came to town to meet with six county residents and discuss their views of the area's positive attributes, as well as the negative ones.

TPA - What is wrong with this picture? Where is the black male? Where is representation from Rocky Mount? Lorenzo Carmon the county manager should have been invited to the table and/or Rudolph Knight a black male is a great local historian here and I feel he should have been invited as well.

MOST WOULDN'T OPPOSE TRIP IF THE COST TO TAXPAYERS WAS REASONALBLE - Aloha, big kahuna! So four of Edgecombe County's commissioners are off to Hawaii for the National Association of Counties confab.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rev. Dr. William Joseph Barber II for North Carolina NAACP State Conference of Branches President

Dear Fellow Servants:

I hope this letter finds you well, and continuing in the strength, the service of God, and the cause of justice. My purpose for writing is to let you know that, I am offering myself as a servant to become the President of the North Carolina Conference of the NAACP. Many persons throughout the state have asked me over the last two years to consider this cause. After much prayer, contemplation, consideration, and counsel, I believe it is time for a healthy and vigorous debate about the vision and direction of the NAACP in our state and its role in the continuing struggle for justice, protection of civil rights, and the social well being of humanity.

These are critical times. I believe together we must forge a vision comparable to meet the ongoing challenges of racism, poverty, and regressive public policies that still invade our reality. Furthermore, we must not only be reactive but proactive in challenging our own people to live up to the highest ideals and take responsibility for knowing what we must do for ourselves, irregardless of what others attempt to do to us. Not only must we build coalitions to fight for civil rights, we must celebrate community, build positive coalitions for economic growth and entrepreneurial-ship, lift up the marvelous achievements, gifts of our people, and promote academic excellence. We must be both agitator and innovator. But, know when to be which.

The prophet Amos of the bible said, "You can not be at ease in Zion". The freedom songwriter said, "We who believe in freedom cannot rest." And Jesus said, our task for a fruitful life must be, "To preach good news to the poor, healing to the broken, recovery of sight to the blind, and release to the captives..." The genesis of the NAACP over 95 years ago, was to bring together a multiracial group of individuals to strive for advancement of "colored people" over and against the daunting realities of violence and social oppression.

W.E.B. Du Bois in his autobiography said, of our beginning, "The NAACP started with a lynching 100 years after the birth of Abraham Lincoln. In the city, Springfield, Illinois, which was his long time residence, William English Walling, a white Southerner, dramatized the gruesome happening and a group of liberals formed a committee in New York, which I was invited to join.

A conference was held in 1909. This conference contained four groups: scientists who knew the race problem; philanthropists willing to help worthy causes; social workers ready to take up a new task of Abolition; and Negroes ready to join a new crusade for their emancipation".

These individuals did not always agree on methods, but had a common vision for "advancement". Their goal was to create and organize a non-partisan structure that could speak boldly truth to power for the benefit of justice. The same coalition is still needed today.

They challenged democrats, republicans, dixiecrats, white supremacists, and even unsupportive African Americans, with the power of truth and justice for the cause of civil rights and social well being. We need a return of this focused tenacity with a fresh look at the issues of our time.

Therefore, I am writing to ask first for your prayers, your support, and your wisdom for my candidacy, which I believe, can become our candidacy. I was born on August 30, 1963, two days after the March on Washington, D.C. Because of this, I recognize that I stand on the shoulders of many who sacrificed before me. Therefore, I have the responsibility to use the gifts God has given me to make a difference for those who shall come after me. In fact, all of us have a mandate to own our birthrights and continue with vigor the mission for social and economic justice. I have included with this letter a brief record of the service I have tried to render throughout my life. I do this, not to rest on past laurels, but so that you and others may know that, I do not approach this call to service with a neophyte attitude or record. Service for the cause of righteousness has literally been in my blood. Over the next few weeks, I will forge a vision document from which I will ask you to join a new thrust. It is my sincere hope that this candidacy can be about vision, focus, and direction for the NAACP. I am not asking for your support just based on personality or past accomplishments, rather, I want us to join together around common causes and real efforts.

The NAACP is more than just an organization, more than a place for office holding, more than a few banquets, more than reactionary comments about racism, more than a place to rub shoulders with "VIPS," and more than a one man or woman show. The NAACP is a mission with a deep legacy that must be re-ignited, reengaged, and retooled for the work before us now. We must reclaim our legacy. Chapters across this state must be reactivated. Our vision must be clarified. The civil rights family must be reconnected.

We have a mission. We must have a vision to meet this mission. The Bible says where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18). This is why I am running. My candidacy will be run with the highest integrity. I will not engage in "gutter politics", but I will stand in truth, firmly and forthrightly. I want you to know that you can call me and discuss with me this candidacy. When you receive this letter and are in support of this candidacy, and desire to help in any way, I would like to here from you because this a team vision.

Again, my motive for running is service. My commitment is justice and equality. My goal is unity by pulling together our collective gifts. My foundation will be love with a deep commitment to speak truth to power in a way that Shirley Chisholm stated "unbought and unbowed", so that every voice might be lifted until the chorus of freedom might resound even the more throughout our state and world.

My petition for candidacy has been sent in. The dates of the NAACP State Conference are October 6-8, 2005, persons desiring to be delegates must be paid members by August 9, 2005. Irregardless of my candidacy some of you receiving this letter may not be members of the NAACP. Please join! The continuing cause of fairness and justice needs your support.

Yours in the Cause of Truth, Service, and Justice,

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

What is Life?

Written by Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II

Is it to be lived for or dreamed about? Perhaps both.

Maybe our dreaming determines our living to some degree. Yet, so much tries to kill our dreams, snatch our dreams, take away our dreams, defer our dreams, and keep our dreams from reality.

Maybe then, we must fight for, pray for, and ask God to grant us the gift of dreaming afresh and anew. Dreaming God’s Dreams! Dreaming, hoping, and delighting in the things of God freshly poured out upon our hearts and minds like the morning dew. How we need it so! Then, perhaps if we dream right we will live right and then, we shall know the answer to the inquirer’s quest.

What is life? Is it to be lived or dreamed about or both?

The Spirit brings the gift of dreaming into the now. What God has hoped, becomes, even if at first just in our thoughts, a new reality. We begin to see and dream in the now what God has always wanted since the beginning. God’s Dreams becomes our desire when the Spirit is at work.

Men may never understand, but this is what happened deep in the soul place of Sojourner, Mary, Martin, Medgar, Malcolm, Harriet, Fannie Lou, and Mandela. What moved them and so many others? God’s Dreams! By the Spirit come take a look.

The cow laying down with the bear. Children playing over the hole of a snake. Lion and lamb frolicking together. God’s Dreams! Humanity redeemed. Grace imparted. Pain pushed away. Tears wiped. Death vanquished. The hungry fed. The hurting healed. Justice ruling. Righteousness prevailing. Deliverance complete. Satan snared. God’s Dreams! What a wonder! What a look!

Our lives are transformed when we dream God’s Dreams! No longer mere mundane movement. Away with despair and life without purpose! We now rise, captivated and controlled by God’s Dreams!

And so, it seems our dreams determine our living and we live because of our dreams. Oh, Spirit of the living God Invade! Invade! Invade! Invade, once again the nightmarish corners of our minds. Loose the prophetic flow into the depths of our being with God’s Dreams so that we might live anew and afresh!

Insanity is ...

by Clifford Thornton

In many respects we are a nation of delusionary cowards both black and white.

Dear editor,

The people of this country, this state have watched for almost forty years of the "war on drugs" and almost one hundred years of drug prohibition these types of drug seizers. During the years of the drug war America has become the worlds leading jailer, with more people in prison than France, England, Germany, Italy and Japan combined. Over seventy percent of the people in prison are there for drug related charges. Yet there are more drugs at cheaper prices on our streets than ever before. When will this insanity end?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Insanity is electing the same people to public office who created and sustain this diabolical policy. Insanity is believing that the war on drugs protects our children when they have unlimited access to these illegal drugs. Insanity is believing that the above ground economy can compete with the underground economy when through the strategy of drug prohibition and the war on drugs we have made these drugs worth more than gold. Insanity is taking so many of our young out of the community and believing that somehow the community is better off. Insanity is America's "war on drugs."

The authorities are looking and acting like a dog chasing its tail. The dog never catches its tail and we will never come to grips with this drug problem using the same old tactics. Anyone that says we should not, could not or will not legalize, medicalize, and decriminalize these handful of drugs simply does not have a clue. Remember, those who support our present policy are directly responsible for its results.

Clifford Wallace Thornton, Jr.

PO Box 1234 Hartford, CT 06143
860 657 8438

TPA - I met Bro. Thornton around 3 years ago in Raleigh at the NC Black Leadership Caucus monthly meeting. Bro. Thornton called my talked show around 2 years ago on 2 different occasions from Connecticut and shared valuable information with my listening audience. He also connected me to some other folks from the nation who shared some valuable information with my listening audience as well. Although I had to shut down the talk show, Bro. Thornton and I still communicate on a regular basis via telephone and internet.

A bill making crack cocaine equal to powder cocaine

by Clifford Thornton, Jr.

Dear Editor,

The story on a bill making crack cocaine equal to powder cocaine is really one to ponder. What will this bill accomplish if passed? Fewer blacks going to jail for crack or more blacks going to jail for powder? The system is inherently biased toward minorities, specifically blacks and that is what needs to be changed. Connecticut has a population of 3.4 million, Black and Latino men make up less than 6% of that population but account for almost 68% of the prison population. Almost 80% are in prison for drug related charges.

This criminal justice system is the problem, always has been and looks like it will not change in my lifetime. The laws as written are not racist but the enforcement is, always has been and always will be.

Most if not all of the black legislators are gate keepers and I am surprised that they have spoken up. What needs to be done is the elimination of the war on drugs and reparations for the drug war to rebuild the infrastructure of the inner cities. After all this has always been a race war, the figures bare out. Blacks cannot support a 500 billion dollar underground economy.

Clifford Wallace Thornton, Jr.

PO Box 1234 Harford, CT 06143
860 657 8438

Working to end race and class drug war injustice, Efficacy is a non profit 501 (c) 3 organization founded in 1997. Your gifts and donations are taxdeductible

The Negro Wars

By R.A. Pharaoh - 5/30/05

The Negro war is an ongoing struggle. But, don’t be fooled my friends. This is no longer a war of liberation but a war of integration. For the Negro shepherd has surrendered to the wolves and he is now searching for a way for him and his flock to get comfortable in that surrender. The white flag was raised years ago after the civil war. Most Black men “stayed put” like Kizzy after the horror show that was slavery. Which is proof of the psychological damage that occurred during the three hundred year programming.

During slavery a great Jedi Knight by the name of Willie Lynch developed a way through torture, deprivation, reverse psychology and favoritism, to turn Black men into weak and wicked sheep.

After Slavery the baton was passed on to Dr. Frankenstein (America) which helped create the Negro shepherd. The factors in making the Negro shepherd was one of sharecropping that put Black men in a situation in which the more he backbreaking-ly sowed the land, the less he reaped. This is just one of the mechanisms that was used to create this sick symbiotic relationship of dependency that the Negro shepherd has with the wolves.

Since life has been made very difficult for Black men not being able to make it on their own as sharecroppers or not given a job, they began to prey on their own for survival. At one point in time for the Black man to survive he had to either pimp, preach or do both. Preachers who were once pimps and got out the game are called, weak-kneed pimps.

The graduation from pimp to preacher was a logical one in a sense. The average pimp has about 3 to 4 women in his stable at any given time pulling in 2 to 300 dollars a night which could add up to $10,000 a night, depending on good weekends. But the shepherd with an average of 500 women in church paying the average tithe of $20 to $30 dollars every Sunday which adds up to $15,000 a week and no police on his ass or bail money to put up, does 33% better than the pimp. Both are tax exempt.

Whereas, the pimp may use direct physical violence to keep his women emotional wrecks, the shepherd uses racism/police brutality. The pimp will use threats to invoke fear in his women while the shepherd will use the bible to invoke fear in his flock of women. A pimp is out to take every dime his women make, while a shepherd only has to shear his flock of women out of ten percent of their hard earning, thus, able to sleep a little more guilt-free at night.

Unlike any other shepherd on the earth the Negro shepherd depends on the wolves to feed him and his flock. The Negro shepherd depends on the wolves to shelter his flock, and when the wolves do, it’s inadequate and turns into some sort of experiment (the projects). And when there comes a time when the wolves will want “their” property back then it will never be hard to do because the shepherd is a civil rights leader (integrationist) and not an economic leader (independent).

After trying hard to get an apology from one fox at home for insulting police brutality victim Amadou Diallo and failed to, shepherd Charlatan has decided to follow the media to Messico to demand an apology for a racist insult hurled out of the mouth of the president of Fox country (Messico).

At “The House of Hospice” (a place for nurses and clergy to provide for people’s emotional needs), shepherd Charlatan was explaining to his flock why it is so vital to the Black sheep community for him to spend thousands of the “organizations” money to visit a head fox and demand an apology.

The shepherd has always “organized” his flock to hear him “address” racial issues that affect the flock since the flock depends so heavily on the wolves that whenever a sheep has a need or a want he has to go to the wolves den with his or her hands out for food, clothes, shelter and a job.
“I’m going over to Messico to let President Vicente know that he can’t just get away with saying ‘I was misinterpreted,” said the slick-haired, slick-talking, portly shepherd with indignation.

The Negro shepherd is always “reacting” to the open honest statements that are made by others outside and inside their communities such as Bill Cosby. His greatest fear is that the Black sheep of the United Plantations of America will no longer wander around the pasture/pastor aimless, hopeless and in need of guidance and dependence. But yet, the Negro shepherd has yearned for open “discussions” in regards to “why” other ethnicities on this planet view him as a fool and a foot stool.

The gathering place where shepherd Charlatan was addressing his flock was only half filled with followers but the posse of media and equipment made use of the void resulting from poor turnout.

“If his comment had gone unchallenged, it would have left the impression that what he was saying was true,” shepherd Charlatan bellowed through the microphone to his bewildered flock. In between the top priorities that the shepherd has given to the flock, the flock would often wonder amongst themselves if they would still be able to afford to live in Harlem not far from the organization (?).

The Negro shepherd is the most gullible, and naïve person on the planet which is why he and his flock remain the “Wretched of the Earth” (Frantz Fanon). What little time he spends on economics for his flock is spent getting crumbs off the tables of foxes and wolves. This is so that the shepherd can continue to use his hackneyed cliché “When white folks catch cold, black folks catch pneumonia.”

What this says is that the shepherd has done such a good job of integrating his sheep to the point of having a sick symbiotic relationship. The symbiot attached to the host can only feed off of whatever’s left after the body of the host has already consumed the vitamins and nutrients. The cliché is also used to invoke fear, anger and “verbal” demands from the flock that the wolves must do for the sheep as they do for other wolves. Which causes more dependency, false hopes and eventually further resentment when that fairy tale, again, doesn’t come true.

“Messican migrants are being employed like slave labors,” Charlatan continued, “And something must be done to end this process.” The shepherd stated, swaying the flock.

Although, the unemployment rate of Black men within a ten block radius of where the shepherd’s base of operation’s is located, has steadily declined since 9/11, and the shepherds own flock can barely afford to live next door to the House of Hospice, the shepherd is as much concerned with the foxes employment situation as he is the sheep’s unemployment situation (?).

President Vicente wasn’t happy at all with having to explain himself to a couple of Negro shepherds whom have managed the lives of his sheep as poorly as he has done with his fellow foxes.

“Please tell me again why it is I have to meet with these people?” President Vicente, the leader of Messico asked his advisor for the fifth time. “It’s not like they’re elected officials. They’re just a couple in black face, uh, I mean a couple of black people.”

“Si Presidente,” the advisor retorted, “but they are media opportunist as well. If you see them and show some sympathy toward their cries they’ll go away. And if you don’t it will just give them further opportunity to drag your good name and their black faces in the media spotlight.”
“And if they want more?” President Vicente asked, sharply.

The advisor thought to himself for a second and said, “We’ll do like PepsiCo, Texaco and other American corporation’s have done. We’ll set them up with $25,000 a year racial consultant and advisory board fees.”

After the last prominent Negro had his say and the spooks and ghosts were fed their daily requirement of sound bites. Shepherd Charlatan approached the microphone as he does religiously and without fail, “Before we leave I want y’all to know that freedom ain’t free!” He bellowed from the podium, his body frozen with an austere look on his face as his eyes darted the crowd. His most loyal sheepdog gave the signal to the other sheepdogs to begin passing the plate.

As the flock began to exit the “House of Hospice” a particular type of vermin that was allowed to grow and formulate its own twisted views and cultural behavioral norms were lurking in the shadow across Madison Avenue and 125th Street. Hoodrat’s are a large part of every major city. They view sheep as prey and with disgust oft times. This, even though, the hoodrat is sometimes an offspring or relative of the sheep. The hoodrat is concerned with primal and material wants and needs that only cheese can fulfill. And although his culture of Hip-hop has pronounced (ad nauseam) that “it’s all about the Benjamin’s, baby” his parents and so-called leaders just don’t understand.

Therefore, the hoodrat left alone begins to develop his own ideas about life. He views the sheep as weak, frivolous cowards. It’s all about cheddar with hoodrat’s and that’s something that sheep aren’t about. Sheep have been taught that by ending racism you will also end poverty? In other words, the wolves have to get their act together first, then, vicariously will the sheep be able to live happily thereafter. The hoodrat’s ain’t trying to hear it. They want the good life now even if they have to pillage their communities and shear the sheep to get it.

There is no commonality between the hoodrat and the sheep. The sheep know nothing about making real cheese as evident with the brownstones that were left to rot for years in Harlem. Therefore the hoodrat feels that the sheep cannot teach him or tell him a damn thing, as far as the hoodrat is concerned, the shepherd nor the sheep are to be respected or followed around in circles on marches.

The hoodrat’s were lurking, scheming, of course they were. The Negro shepherds have left the flock vulnerable since slave’s row. Who else are hoodrat’s suppose to prey on, the foxes? The wolves? Certainly not, the pigs wouldn’t allow it.

As shepherd Charlatan marched his flock and their picket signs across 125th Street flanked by spooks, ghosts and pigs a handful of hoodrat’s stood with their heads tilted to the side with their hands between their legs to check and shake their packages (a sign to the sheep that hood rat’s will never be neutered) as they watched another emasculation procession take place in the streets of Harlem for all the world to see.

It was Rich-rat the larcenist leader of the Lincoln Project bloodrat’s that had taken over the crime ridden area near 125th Street and Mad. Avenue. He had his arm around a cute little chicken head as he and his fam, scoped out the demonstration of sheep for their next victim who’d stray home at the end of the rally.

Meanwhile, in lower Manhattan the godfather of Hip-hop, Russell Rattmons was having words with the national director of a right-wing chicken hawk group who was telling shepherds that receive money from right-wing groups not to attend the Million$ More March led by the Nation of Is-farm leader the honorable minister Louis Foghorn a radical separatist rooster group.

“This is very sad because the masses of our people are suffering,” said Foghorn, when asked about the comments made by the right-wing chicken hawk (often referred to as kites by the Nation). “It’s not about the ADL. It’s not about the kite’s. I am not an anti-carnivore. I, myself, am a omnivore. It is about the mass suffering of the masses of my people, and we are coming together not against this one or that one, but we are coming together on one solid principle: that no individual can rise above the condition of his people.” He smiled, then added “If the wolves and the sheep don’t atone for their sins it is prophesied that God will make the sky light up with fire and things will start to fall from it. And when the sky does fall, don‘t come running to me because I’ve been trying tell y’all for the past 30 years, okay. Allahu Akbar!”

Tune in next week to see:
Will the Negro shepherd be able to get an apology from the president of a nation of foxes when he wasn’t even able to get one from a former “borough” president who’s his friend?

Will shepherd Charlatan solve the employment problems of the foxes before solving the unemployment problems facing his own flock?

Will co-founders of the Drum Major Institute, William B. Wachtel and Martin Luther King, III demand that Freddie Ferrer apologize for saying that Amadou Diallo being shot 41 times by police wasn’t a crime? And if Freddie doesn’t will he be forced to give up his $151,000 (3 thousand a week, damn) a year salary as president. Or will Harry Wachtel and Dr. King have to send their sons a sign from the grave?

Will a Black man ever be the head of a Hispanic organization and continue to collect $3,000 a week after saying what happened to police brutality victims Anthony Baez and Edwin Rosario wasn’t a crime?

Will Russell Rattmons be able to get a legitimate number of hoodrat Hip-hoppers to join the Million’s More March and stand sanely next to a sheep without committing larceny or attempted assault over cheese?

Will the Nation of Is-farm leader the honorable minister Louis Foghorn and every other religious zealot’s screams of Armageddon (the sky is falling) ever come true in our lifetime. And if so, will it happen before or after the Million’$ More Fundraiser?

For these and many other answers to your questions tune in next week.

Negro Wars: Fighting for the Freedom to Integrate.

Spooks are Blacks in the media. Voices coming out of the radio. People who are inside boxes (television) on stands inside people’s living room. Black reporters and journalist. Their functions are to sit comfortably scrutinizing white men and reporting back to the community if anything racist happens after peeking through the keyhole. Another part of the spooks function is to propagate whatever Negro shepherd that is ordained by mainstream media. Spooks are privileged to be given their jobs by the wolves and are paid to be co-conspirators with the Negro shepherd to keep any independent voices out. Especially those who speak against the Negro shepherds teachings of integration, civil rights marches, ending racism, parlor tricks (politics) and being the moral-consciousness of the wolves, as fights towards freedom.

The spooks job as co-conspirator with the Negro shepherd is to wait for something racist to happen in order to comment on it. He then calls the Negro shepherd on the air for further comments and this can go on for weeks with one racial issue. And when the spook and the shepherd aren’t trying to distract you from your hunger pains, overdue bills and gentrification with issues on race. The spook and the shepherd are giving you the black point of view on “mainstream” issues like feeding tube victim Terry Schiavo or the runaway bride. Spooks get paid well no matter who’s in office. Spooks don’t have to worry about incompetent leadership as it relates to housing or gentrification.

Ghosts are the mainstream media.

Foxes are Hispanic or Latino (Latino see; Spain, Italy and Portugal about that?)

Kite’s are small slim hawks; chicken hawks (see; Zionist) to Nation of Isfarm leader minister Louis Foghorn.

Jackasses are Black elected democrats who are the party’s mascot.

Elephants are Black elected republicans who are the party’s mascot.

Weasels are Black republicans who will never be big enough to be voted into office.

Hawks are White republicans.

Doves are White democrats.

Hoodrats are guys who want to get paid but don’t know how to, except nigga-tively.

Chicken heads are women whom hoodrats give a little chicken feed to, to peck their worms.

Sheep are the shepherd’s followers and are taught to say baaaad, baaaad white man, because they are the moral consciousness of America.

Pigs are Black and White police officers.

Nubian’s are lions and like lions they are strictly independent.