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Friday, July 08, 2005

North Carolina NAACP Need a New Vision

by the Political Agitator

Did I say a new vision? I mean the NC NAACP State Conference of Branches needs a VISION. I have not been pleased with the leadership of the NAACP for many years and it appears that some others have not also. I know that most people I talk to say the NAACP is not doing anything. How can we change that? We can start with new leadership in October.

North Carolina State Conference of Branches President Melvin (Skip) Alston has a cloud of controversy surrounding him from his seat on the Guilford County Commissioners to the PayDay Lending piece.

Sources have told TPA that Skip has been calling voting members making promises telling them if they would support him in the upcoming election in October what he would do for them. It never seems to amaze me how some black folks will continue to allow certain black folks to hold them right where they are in neutral and not moving forward nor backwards but at a standstill. I know there are many of Skip followers who will support him knowing that he has never called them before now and that he has no vision. We all know what happens due to the lack of vision, people perish. It is sad that some would rather perish than to entertain change.

Sources say that Rev. William Barber Pastor of Greenleaf Baptist Church in Goldsboro is going to challenge Skip. I have been knowing Rev. Barber for many, many years and I know he will rock the boat. Don't know how it works but it would be interesting to know that the State Conference of Branches would be located in Goldsboro NC.

I will be following the October election closely because I am ready for change, what about you?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


The Wilmington Journal

TPA - This is one of those stories that all black males need to see. This reaffirms that even at age 39 it is not too late. But most of all when black males get the nourishment that they need from black folks, white folks and other to boost them on, it is a possibility that they will make a change and become productive in society. Who wins? All!!

Beating the odds:

Dodging the bleak statistics for young African American males, Wilmington native Darryl Robinson, dropped drugs, cheated death and made an empowering decision to allow “the Lord to direct his steps”.“Not only did God redeem me, he promoted me”, says Mr. Robinson as he reflects on his thirty-nine years of living.But his optimism didn’t always shine so bright, for he says there was once a time when his life was one of “dreams deferred and dreams denied”. At one point, the former Taylor Home resident often felt defeated by the cards dealt to him and recalls, “I had gone to reform school, had been on drugs, and was born to a single mother, so I threw myself a pity party.”

TPA - This is not just happening in Wilmington but across the state of North Carolina and abroad. We must take a stand and fight for change. We must do whatever it takes to make sure that we get a piece of the pie when we are the one who are paying for the pie. Who wins? All!!


Make no mistake; our hearts go out to the people of Durham. To have three burning crosses planted in their community in the dead of night is a shocking and frightening episode of hate and intimidation, targeting African Americans.But the people there are answering this despicable act with action and unity. They are not taking it lying down.They’re fighting back, as well they should.Black folks here in Wilmington need to be fighting back too, because as sure as water is wet, there are folks here who truly believe we’re stupid, and are expecting us to remain that way.Not as long as there’s a black newspaper in town.

Monday, July 04, 2005

A message to the men

Breaking the patterns of prostitution Rocky Mount Telegram

Men who solicit prostitutes usually have a warped view of women's roles in society.

The prostitutes themselves may be partially to blame for that, but whatever the origin, it's clear these men need an extra dose of reality if they're caught with one.

Now, Charlotte has enacted a way for accused “johns” to serve their punishment while also learning a thing or two about why their misdeeds are so wrong.

Apparently, someone figured out that if you can't get rid of prostitutes, you might as well go the indirect route — stop the people who are keeping them in business.

This so-called john school may be required for men facing prostitution-related charges in Mecklenburg County District Court. First-time offenders may be able to get their cases dismissed if they complete the classes, which will teach them about sexually transmitted diseases, addiction and respect for women.

R & B Legend Luther Vandross dies at age 54

By Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur, Staff Writer

Luther Vandross, the velvet-voiced soul singer, who sold more than 25 million records during an illustrious career that included four Grammys just last year, died Friday. He was 54.

His death occurred Friday at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Edison, N.J. Vandross was reportedly surrounded by family, friends and his doctors when he expired at 1:47 p.m. (ET), according to a statement released by the hospital. The exact cause of death was not immediately known.


Now ain’t this a blip. According to a new study, released by the New York City Commission on Human Rights and conducted by sociology professors at Princeton University, a young Black male is so feared in this racist society, that even a young, clean cut brotha-man without a criminal record barely has a chance to beat out a convicted White male felon when it comes to getting a job.

To put it a better way, a young White drug dealer just out of prison has just as much chance of getting a job as a deli clerk, cashier or telemarketer as a young, high school educated Black man with no criminal history at all.

TPA - I know this to be true because I am a living testimony. I was blessed with a good job 18 years ago and I make more money than many who have gone off to college. Again this is truly a blessing.

Civil-rights museum on hold with construction, donor problems

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Instead of opening this month, a civil rights museum honoring the 1960s sit-ins at a former Woolworth's store here is bogged down in rising construction costs and weary donors.

The 11-year-old project remains on hold with $10 million still needed. That sum includes an additional $6 million needed to elevate the museum to standards high enough for it to keep and exhibit precious artifacts from the Smithsonian Institution.

Victor Vines, a Charlotte architect working on the project, said such extraordinary lengths wouldn't be necessary if the building were a bank or a department store.

Note: Victor is a native of Pinetops, NC my hometown.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

For independence, we all can be thankful

by BARRY SAUNDERS, Staff Writer

There are certain things you can count on each Fourth of July. The neighborhood's self-appointed grillmaster is going to burn the steaks, and your favorite uncle is going to drink too much and start telling family secrets.

Oh, yeah: And somebody is going to brush off Frederick Douglass' famous Independence Day speech and use it to bolster his argument that black Americans have no reason to celebrate Independence Day.

Comments from the TPA - Why do some of us continue to buy into the old tradition? I have always been told that when you know better you should do better. Why do some of us continue to celebrate certain things but will not speak out against the injustices that are happening in our own communities? It is a damn shame when here in Edgecombe County we allow injustices to flow like streaming waters and black folks do not come together collectively to speak out against them. I can not celebrate when I know that things are not well and it is only a few of us who will actually put ourselves out front in the line of fire attacking the injustices making it known publicly that we will not tolerate such. When you complete your celebration I ask that you join me in the struggle. I have been wearing 2 buttons everyday to work, meetings and everywhere I go for the past 15 years or so that reads: no justice, NO PEACE and "If there is no struggle, there is no progress, Those who profess to favor freedom and yet renounce controversary are people who want crops without ploughing the ground." (Frederick Douglass 1817 - 1895) I leave two questions with you. (1.) How can you celebrate the evil of this ole world when you will leave your children behind to deal with the same evils that you have faced directly and/or indirectly in your life time. (2.) Where do you fit in the struggle for justice and equality for all? I will do all that I can to attempt to make Edgecombe County and abroad a better place to live for you and I but especially my children and other folk's children.

Note: To read: Independence Day Speech at Rochester (excepts) by Frederick Douglass (1841)the speech in it's entirety go to