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Friday, June 03, 2005

Town Hall Meeting on proposed renovation or relocation of Rocky Mount High School

For Immediate Release

On Thursday, June 9, 2005, the Rocky Mount Branch of the NAACP will hold a Town Hall Meeting at the OIC Auditorium at 7 p.m. on the proposed renovation or relocation of Rocky Mount High School.

This decision which is being considered by the Nash/Rocky Mount Board of Education and the Nash County Commissioners will impact the lives of our children and our City for generations to come. The final decision that is made will also directly impact the residents of the current neighborhood where the RMHS is located.

We are asking all interested citizens to join us to give public input on the desires and considerations of our communities and families. Local President, Andre’ Knight, stated that, "the NAACP hopes to provide a forum in which input can be given by everyday citizens about what they want their elected officials to do about our own Senior High."

For More Information, Contact Mattie Hinton 1st Vice President NAACP at (252) 200-9061.

Edgecombe Dems turn to state party

Members of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party's executive committee submitted a petition to the state party Wednesday in hopes of having the two Democratic incumbents on the county board of elections reappointed this year. The Rev. Roosevelt Higgs, vice chairman of the county party, said the petition has 80 percent support of the executive committee. He said Chairwoman Genotre Penny-Boone did not sign the petition. The petition was created because the committee is not aware of the priority given to three candidates for the county's two board of elections appointments, Higgs said. The state party's Plan of Organization states the top two candidates on the list are typically the ones who are recommended to the N.C. State Board of Elections for appointments.

TheWatchDog - It is a shame and disgrace that the local party has to put up with this crook who has voted twice in the past which made him a convicted felon. He had to petition Governor Hunt to get his citizenship restored and every since he has been back in the party he has been the one to feed the local Republican Party about what is going on inside of the Democratic Party. What in the hell is it to petition when the State Democratic Party Plan of Organization gives the County Chairs the authority to prioritize the names before sending them to the State Headquarters. All those folks who signed the petition that I have not seen is just as screwed up as Roosevelt Higgs because this goes to show that they do not respect the newly elected County Chair. During the last Board of Elections meeting Higgs had the audacity to give the local Republican chair a copy of a new program that the newly elected State Democratic Party Chair has put in place. This is pertaining to a "Study Commission" for various areas in the political arena. Higgs gave the Republican chair the information right after I had just told the Republican chair that Higgs feeds them infromation about the Democratic Party and when Higgs walked back in the room from his vehicle to get the form, this is when he gave the form to the Republican chair and the Rocky Mount Telegram reporter Amanda Lingerfelt. The real problem here is that Higgs has no connections with the new chair. He is upset because Samuel Branch didn't vote for him when he was elected vice chair of the party at the county convention. Higgs called several executive committee members who did not and have never attended a Democratic Party meeting. A Nash-Rocky Mount School Board Member asked me on Tuesday what was going on with the Board of Elections and when I told him, he said he wanted to know because he had received a call from Roosevelt Higgs. Higgs has called several folks and told them that I told him how the names were sent in a certain order when in fact I have no idea and do not care. Miss Lingerfelt I dare you do some homework and check around and to see that other county parties are making changes as it relates to the Board of Elections appointments. I dare you to go to the Board of Elections Office and request information on how the makeup of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Board of Elections appointments over the years. I dare you to look at the video of the meeting that took place that Higgs is complaining about. I will provide you with the video whenever you would like to view it. Once you view it, I dare you to interview some of the people who attended the meeting including myself who is not an executive committee member by choice. I understand you are new here and you are trying to find that right story to put you on the map. You may have found it because I hope this mess turn out to be much bigger than Higgs intentions are. I didn't ask you to write down your contact information at the meeting when Higgs asked you for it and later Rudolph Knight and then Melvin Muhammad. I gave you a card with my information, however my name is like a household item at the Rocky Mount Telegram. I asked you to email me with your information for one reason only and that was to see if you would honor my request as you said you would. I have since tried to email you by using your name @ coxnews but I have not received a response from you, however the first message I sent you came back as if the email address was not valid. Maybe you and Sue Stuart from the Daily Southerner can get together since I see you are following her lead as the two of you are catering to Higgs. Oh by the way Miss Lingerfelt welcome to Edgecombe County by way of Pitt County from what I was told.

It is a damn shame that we have folks who will allow this crook to lead them.

State Democratic Party may intervene in BOE selections - 2001
Note: I was quoted at this meeting and I didn't say anything. I videoed the meeting and the sad part is that the reporter was not present but did the story from a dialogue with Roosevelt Higgs.

Note: May have to copy & paste the above links into your web browser in order to view them.

TheWatchDog of the 1st Congressional District

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


The current discussion among Black folks and whites alike is the behavior of the children, that’s right, I said “children.” Much of the conversation is centered on the little girl in St. Petersburg, Florida, who was handcuffed. There is another case of a 10 year-old boy in Philadelphia, and then there is the quiet case of the handcuffed five year-old in the city that leads the nation in these kinds of acts, the city Kweisi Mfume called “ground zero,” the city in which a blind man was issued a jay-walking ticket and a grandmother was brought to court for dropping quarters into expired parking meters for strangers: Cincinnati, Ohio, of course. FULL STORY >

Note: A powerful, powerful brother. check out this and other articles on his website.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Words of Encouragement

Curmilus, Thanks for sending this out, but more than that...thanks for having the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Opinions notwithstanding, you have the integrity to stand by your word and by your values, and that is something most people cannot and/or will not do. I respect the fact that you are liberated and free enough within yourself to exercise your rights, privileges and authorities. As always, thank you again for getting the word out!
JM Friday, May 27, 2005


Below is a news letter by Curmilus Dancy. He is a real watchdog, and is very fair minded. He should be listened to, because we have people in our party that bring us all down.

Please review, and take to heart what "C" says. He is a very perceptive and discerning person. His advice could go a long ways to make Edgecombe county a shining star for the democrats.

It IS time for democrats to respect other democrats, and those that don't, need to be removed. And transparency in making decisions is critical to have the trust and full engagement of party members.
jm Monday, May 16, 2005

My stars, Armstrong Williams?

Who would want to be associated with him? I guess the mainstream media assumes that the general public has not heard about his editorials for hire ethics.

Armstrong Williams is a Whitehouse paid shill. Amazing, I hope people don't get their news from the newspapers and radio only.

Curmilus - you have one of the best newsletters in the state. I also like the one sent out by Chris
Fitsimons. Both hit the truth, and both need to be said.
jm Sunday, May 08, 2005

They always get it wrong dont they!

Oh well, you still are making them shake and quake in their boots.

Good going.

I think it is disgusting how the Board of Elections at county level and state level can operate so secretly and ignore the citizens they supposedly serve. I am sure that there are many good BOE members incounties across our state, but when you get bad ones, it is really bad. It is hard to cut through the bull. Very hard.

I bet they grit their teeth when they see you coming! That is a good thing. The more you stay after them, I see you getting stronger and them getting weaker. By exposing the problem, you help to get rid of it. Thanks for sharing the situation with me. I think you are making good leeway.
jm Tuesday, November 02, 2004

It is interesting at the least. Given that you are one of the most informed people I know about the plan of organization for the party, I think that any involvement by Higgs is worthy of taking a good look at. You have always been able to see through things even when others could not, and you filed a complaint because you believed that there was a violation of the law. Wrong or right, I've never known you to fight unless you believed there was something very wrong. One of the purposes of the BOE is to mediate disputes with respect to the rules for election law duprocess by citizens.

The Motivator for Justice (I like that)..
AY November 01, 2004

Way to go. It is so sickening how some of these folks operate. I believe that with your newsletter you may effect some change. Folks should follow your example this time.
jm Sunday, October 31, 2004

These are a few words of encouragement from some of my readers. I will post the others when I have the time to go back in my archives. The names were withheld by TheWatchDog. JM and jm are 2 different people.

Chair of health board and county commissioner tells supervisor to kiss his ass

DCN Breaking News

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Complaints at health department - All is not well at the Edgecombe County Health Department as Melvin Knight, customer service supervisor, has filed formal complaints both internally and to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Greenville against Edgecombe Board of Health Chairman T.C. Cherry and Health Department Director Tom Gecewicz for harassment and discrimination. Cherry, who also sits on the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners, is named in both complaints. Gecewicz, who was hired in November, is named only in the one to the EEOC.

March 15, 2005

I am shocked, upset and angered over the unseemly and unprofessional behavior that Commissioner T. C. Cherry displayed toward an Edgecombe County employee, Mr. Melvin Knight. It is appalling to know that our County employees are subject to tyrannical outbursts from our elected, public servants. Reports from the Daily Southerner have confirmed that Mr. Knight’s allegations of verbal abuse were heard by several other Health Department employees. This behavior is absolutely unacceptable.

I am calling for the resignation of Commissioner Cherry from the Edgecombe County Board of Health, both as Chairman and as a member of that body. If he does not resign, action should be taken by the County Commissioners to remove him as their designated representative. If you do not, you send the message loudly and clearly to all of Edgecombe County citizens that you support, condone and are party to this abusive and possibly racist behavior.

If the Chairman of the Board of Health can get away with this type of behavior, what type of environment exists at the staff level? How can we discuss diversity, tolerance and safe workplace environments when our leadership is acting in such an uncontrolled and unpredictable manner? And besides, Mr. Cherry’s directive to Mr. Knight to "kiss his ass" is not healthy.

Again, I ask you, Mr. Cherry, resign now and save the rest of your Commissioner’s and the reputation of this County from documented and perpetual embarrassment.

Curmilus Dancy II, TheWatchDog

Let's talk about RACE, Black leaders and other issues of importance.

Please email your issue(s) to TheWatchdog @ to start some dialogue. TheWatchDog do not have a problem with talking about racial issues because I recognize and understand that "If nothing changes - nothing changes." This means if people don't change and talk about RACE, Black leaders and other issues that affect our community then again nothing will change.

Curmilus Dancy II, TheWatchDog
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Young Entrepreneur Forms Internet Business

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

For the past three days, the Orange County convention center has hummed with vendors from the International Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association showcasing their wares. But for entrepreneur Anthony Young, who traveled here from Wake Forest, North Carolina, it was more than a trade show. It was the realization of a dream. Young founded his heritage and baby quilt company, Brown Toes, Inc. , four years ago with his $9000 life savings. “We are more than quilts,” he says of his company. “We're a message of hope and faith.”

My friend Anthony is moving forward in spite of. It has been truly a blessing to have known my friend since 1998 because he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table from many aspects of life. Our Governor's wife Mary Easley could not have summed it up any better.

Curmilus Dancy II, TheWatchDog

The Leaderless Follower

By R.A. Pharaoh

My Blackness is not my own. My leaders and their co-conspirators have taken it upon themselves to see to that. Their anointment by the mainstream media and confirmation by the Negro talking heads on radio & television has dubbed them "black" leaders which by virtue of me being Black has made me their lifelong follower. It wouldn't be a bad thing if my leaders enemy's would be civil and not be in opposition of everything he's trying to do to help me as adversary's often do. Some say that with the same ol' so-called leaders since the 1960's with their take-two marches-and-call-me-in-the-morning as a cure, we will continue to have these groundhog day marches.

Visit this website to view full story and to read other interesting articles.

April 30, 2005
Hello my brother:

I truly enjoyed our conversation on this evening. I have enjoyed everything that I have read and I LOVE it. I have been dealing with these very issues for many, many years. I have been fighting the black (power that bes) in the NAACP (most are a combination of pimps), Democratic Party (most are political pimps), community organizations (most are poverty pimps) and churches (ministers whereby most are prostitutes in the pulpit) and whoever do not have the black community interest at heart.

Curmilus Dancy II, TheWatchDog

Rocky Mount City Council is 4-3 Black Majority and under fire

April 28, 2005

A letter to the editor: Rocky Mount Telegram @

Boy they are selling some papers on this celebrity. I am mad because I can't get any glory with my picture on the front page. Do anyone realize there are 6 more councilmen and women on the board? Councilman Andre Knight must be a one powerful brother because it is obvious that they are out to destroy his character because he is not afraid to speak out. (Note: I understand that Viola Harris head of circulation at the Rocky Mount Telegram says they do not sell more papers when Andre is on the front page. I say not so because when there are hot issues be it Rocky Mount City Council or another hot topic like this on the front page I have had to go to atleast 4 stores to get a paper. When I say sell more papers, I only mean to sell out of the papers that are at the locations because some days there are papers left over.)

In response to: "Historic issue" City too hasty on proposal Mr. Jeff Herrin editor Rocky Mount Telegram you are correct the Rocky Mount City Council is preparing to make some major changes in the kind of development to be allowed in historic residential neighborhoods. Why is this such a problem for you and others? Is it because the board is a majority black board? Is it because Councilman Andre Knight is so vocal? Is it because he has some prime real estate on Braswell Street in a historic white neighborhood?

Why do you want the proposal that the council considered during the council's work session this week to go before the planning board? Obviously there is a reason why the council only want to get the opinions from the planning board members on the proposed changes. Have you asked the council why they are choosing to take this route?

You say why the rush? It is obvious that the council already knows what they want so why spend time holding up the process? I feel good that they may or may not make any changes after hearing from the people but that is enough.

You say some critics have suggested that the proposed changes would benefit City Council member Andre Knight, who once sought a zoning allowance in a historic white neighborhood so he could open an adult day care center. So what is the problem with that? What is the problem with being in the right place to make some things happen? But the thing is how can Councilman Knight make this happen when he only has one vote? I don't see any difference in Robbie Davis a private developer/businessman being a Nash County Commissioner and he has access to what is going on in Nash County that can help him personally so what is the problem? Steve Hoard and C.B. Daughtridge were Edgecombe County Commissioners who are private developers/businessmen who had access to what was going on in Edgecombe County and once they completed their mission they came off the board. This is good business to me, get in the right place to complete your mission legally. So again what is the problem? White people have been doing it all of my 42 years so why is it a problem now that black folks want to do likewise?

Sir Councilman Knight do not need to hide behind a planning department or board only because he has prime real estate in a historic white neighborhood. Sir I don't see a conflict of interest as you say and I only see Councilman Knight and others making things happen legally. Common sense should tell anyone that when one seek to serve on a board or elsewhere they are doing it for a certain reason and that is to accomplish something for themselves and others around them. By the way Councilman Knight could have done a childcare center in 1996 and could have began the home adult care center when they passed (LCD) land code development use last year. Councilman Knight will excuse himself if and when he decides to begin his home adult care center on Braswell Street.

The struggle continues,
Curmilus Dancy II, TheWatchDog

Sunday, May 29, 2005

"My Language"

Note: Some talk about my language as well so I thought I would give you something to ponder.