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Friday, May 27, 2005

Black folks have arrived, free college and can write your own paycheck

In response to:
excellent point raised By porkbelliesiknewit the recently departed racial activist, George Chidi, seldom missed a chance to tell us how bad the racial climate is in the Twin Counties. the truth of the matter is that it is healthy, because we finally have a generation of white citizens that are willing to call it like it is, and are not willing to be made to feel guilty for this "we are so discriminated against" crap.

George Chidi is a damn good writer and that is why he has moved up the ladder and not down. He is moving on to a bigger city and making more money. Yes he applied himself and it paid off inspite of what the racist a... folks here thinks about him. I am going to miss his work but I am proud of him because he deserve to move up. Another black male beating the odds.

Ain't that a damn shame, Chidi comes here from Boston and stays here a year and you say he told us about how bad the racial climate is in the Twin Counties. Well if an outsider can tell, then it is quite obvious folks here can tell the story better.) twd

the truth of the matter is that it is healthy, because we finally have a generation of white citizens that are willing to call it like it is, and are not willing to be made to feel guilty for this "we are so discriminated against" crap.

(You feel guilty? Oh "crap." Call it like it is? You don't want to talk about it, you want to talk about issues that has nothing to do with the Twin Counties.) twd

as someone said in one of these posts, if you are a black high school student with decent grades, you can go to college almost ANYWHERE for free.

(That is some "CRAP" and whoever said it is full of "CRAP.") twd

if you have the intelligence to make it, and graduate from that college, you can write your own employment ticket, at excellent wage. many companies want to hire you, because a diverse workforce is good business, especially if the company markets nationally.

(Where is this happening? I know many blacks who had to pay to go to college and can not get a job in their field.) twd

our schools in the Twin Counties were integrated in 1969. anybody entering 1st grade after 1969 has ZERO excuse for not making it in this world.

(You are full of "CRAP.") twd

the white community has no sympathy for the whiners remaining. or those who try to explain away lack of intelligence by crying discrimination. America is about succeeding based on ability, not based on handouts.

(What tickles the hell out of me is I doubt if there are anyone (black) posting on this forum that fits that description so who in the hell are you talking to? I have a real job and a damn good job so who are you talking about?) twd

calling it like it is makes for healthy race relations. we are ready for equality, not special interests for a situation that DID NOT OCCUR in our lifetime.

(So what are you saying that black folks can't call it like it is. I damn sure can because I don't fit the description you are referring to and I am talking about the injustices that happens in the Twin Counties. The injustices that I am speaking on is happening in your lifetime so again what in the hell are you talking about?) twd

twd = thewatchdog

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Politics is changing in North Carolina

Monday, May 16, 2005

I am glad to see a new young Democratic Party Chair Jerry Meeks who has taken over the helm of the State Democratic Party. I met him a little over 2 years ago and I feel strongly that his vision is going to change the political climate for the State of North Carolina. I trust that Meeks will enhance the Democratic Party by making sure that everyone that holds key positions on the Democratic Party Executive Committees, Board of Elections Appointees and other are held accountable for their actions.

I am working hard to see that the climate change in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party business as well. I will not stop until the Chairwoman Genotre Penny-Boone will be allowed to function without disrespect coming from some on the County Executive Committee, Board of Elections appointees and others who serve at the pleasure of the County Democratic Party.

It is obvious that Rev. Roosevelt Higgs 1st Vice Chair will continue to keep the Edgecombe County Democratic Party in a lot of confusion. What Higgs do is call around before the meetings and try to get his agenda across but do not share all of the information with the voting members so they can research the information in the Plan of Organization (by-laws) of the party so they can know what they are talking about. But the problem is we have some black and whites who believe that whatever Higgs say is in the Democratic Party Plan of Organization (by-laws) and that is not so.

On Thursday, May 12 the Democratic Party Executive Committee met to select nominees to be sent to the State Democratic Party Headquarters. The Plan of Organization (by-laws) reads as follows: 2.06 COUNTY BOARDS OF ELECTIONS Method of Selection. The county chair shall call a meeting of the county executive committee and, after consultation with the precinct chairs, submit three (3) names of active Democrats as his or her recommendations for confirmation by the county executive committee. Only when such recommendations shall be confirmed by a majority of the county executive committee members present and voting shall the recommendation be submitted to the state chair. If the county executive committee refuses to confirm a person recommended by the county chair, then the floor shall be open for nominations for that position. Only when a nominee has received a majority vote of the county executive committee members present and voting shall the recommended name be submitted to the state chair.

The county chair entertained a motion to accept the slate of names she has presented and Reuben Blackwell Rocky Mount City Councilman who speaks very softly had begin to make a motion to accept the slate but Robert Byrd, precinct chair stood up asked the county chair was she going to vote on the names individually. Councilman Blackwell made a motion to accept the slate as presented. The county chair stated that she would hope the committee would accept them as a slate. The county chair said, "Did I hear a 2nd?" It was moved and 2nd by a couple of folks. While the county chair was saying it has been moved and properly 2nd, the county chair was so rudely interrupted before she could call for the question by Higgs who stood up and said, "Madam Chair although we had accepted the slate are we accepting the slate being submitted in the order that it was presented in the order that you called them?" The county chair said, "I may not, I'm not sure." Higgs said, "I think we need to decide this in this committee meeting because we don't need no hidden factors, we need to know what we are signing off, we need to know what order they are going in, so he would like to move that we accept the chair's recommendation." The county chair and a couple of folks said there is a motion already on the floor. Higgs said, "but I would like to offer a substitute motion." The secretary asked for clarity on the 1st motion and who 2nd it? Robert Byrd stood up and interrupted the secretary and said, "The county chair did not recognize him and he wanted to know why the county chair didn't recognize him? The county chair said she did recognize him and Byrd said no because (he) talking about Blackwell interrupted him. The county chair said Blackwell was talking and Byrd said he was not but he was standing up. Blackwell said, "You cut me off." The county chair called for order. The county chair said, "I did answer you didn't I?" Byrd said, "No you did not and he felt he was interrupted because he was standing up and you pointed to me and someone else made the recommendation but it is my understanding I would like to make a comment concerning what the Rev. Higgs said. It is my understanding that the 3 names they look at the 1st 2 and they accept those 2 unless it is something wrong with those 2 or they can change it so then they will go to 3rd name so that is the reason why he think it should be stated here who will be sent as 1, 2 and 3. The county chair then asked would we like to vote on 1, 2 and 3? Blackwell asked what do the Plan of Organization say? The County Chair said she called the State Office and asked how do we go about determining the 1, 2 and 3 they said it is the Chair's call. Higgs said "I don't know where you got that from. The county chair said from Wade Chestnutt Party Affairs. Higgs said, "Wade is not the Democratic Party and what Wade is saying is that we as a committee is voting for a pig in a bag and we have always known what we are voting on before it left Edgecombe County." The county chair called for order again. The county chair called for a motion to vote on the names 1, 2 and 3 and again there was confusion and the county chair had to be reminded there is a motion on the floor. This is when we had to go through the substitute motion thing. Higgs substitute motion was allowed but was voted down. Now we were back to the county chair's original motion and it was approved unanimously.

Roosevelt Higgs disrespected the former county chair during the 2004 Elections when he petitioned the Board of Elections to add names to the list of poll observers and runners. The Board of Elections Democratic Representatives who are the majority on the board also disrespected the former county chair Celestine Lyons by allowing Higgs to be the poll runner along with Bernard Bullock precinct chair. The two had the audacity to rent a white limousine to go around to certain polls to pick up a list of the voters who had voted during certain times of the day. This confirmed they are Political Pimps.

Today, Monday May 16 I understand that Roosevelt Higgs has contacted the media telling them there is a controversy with the Board of Election nominees. Again here Higgs go disrespecting the county chair by contacting the media spreading lies about a controversy when the county chair has the authority to send the names to Raleigh in the order that she prefer.

Fellow Democrats in Edgecombe County and across the state, we must remove Democrats who are disrespectful to the county chairs. What is the purpose of voting in a county chair if you are not going to trust in him or her?

Curmilus Dancy II

TheWatchDog 1st Congressional District

My reply to porkbellies...

I count the Hobbs, Curmilus, Andre, Reuben, Lamont, and Chidi as friends of mine. We all know that birds of a feather flock together. So I must be a racist too. And because of that, I am qualified to call you what you are: a racist of massive proportions. Please don’t comment on my inkling of intelligence. It is not necessary. You see, I have worked for the Nashville Graphic.

On to more important things, you slammed a lot of people in your tirade. You were up awfully early this morning bashing those individuals. Maybe you should start your day with prayer and your mood will be better. All the individuals you talked about are god-fearing and probably said a prayer for you this morning.

You encouraged Mr. Chidi to head back north because we don’t need pseudo-liberals here. That comment rings very familiar. “We don’t like your kind around here.” I guess you’d like to run him out on a rail. That’s what backwards southern people did when anyone suggested a change from the stagnant norms of the racist South. I congratulate Mr. Chidi on recognizing an ignored voice in the Rocky Mount community. Good luck sir. If I were not a product of Rocky Mount myself I would extend kudos for having the smarts to get out of here!

Your attempt at being clever in calling Andre a Midget falls short of humorous. I take it you are referencing the former wrestler Andre the Giant. This was acknowledgement of his stature since he was over seven feet tall. I happen to think that Andre the Giant is a more appropriate nickname for him. Andre Knight is not short in stature, but his stature as a human being far exceeds the average human. Who else but a giant could endure the harassment and pain that has been his lot since he returned to Rocky Mount with ambition and big dreams? Only a giant would purchase premium property in a neighborhood where we were once only allowed to work and then try to share it with the community. For your information, he wanted to use the property for elderly people, not mentally ill persons. Andre has a passion for helping the elderly and your own mayor says repeatedly that the worth of a town is measured by how they treat their aged. Apparently the elderly are not welcome in our historic neighborhoods. Go figure!

You bashed the Hobbs as well. I’ll forgive you because you apparently do not know them. I offer you my sympathy at that. They are a kind, thoughtful couple that has seen many examples of mistreatment in their long lives. Fortunately, I am wise enough to value the knowledge that they impart about their experiences with oppression and racism, both in the South and the North.

Do you really want the paper to ignore that part of the population when they allow you rant and rave at your discretion? Why? To quote you : Stupidity is the reason.

Tekyia Mozzell

In response to: Chidi is a racist By porkbelliesiknewit -