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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Please join me as I have moved onward

by Curmilus Dancy II

It has been a joy and a pleasure to use however it is time that I move on to greater heights. The blogspot software is great for beginners and it was truly a good resource for me to learn how to navigate in the world of blogging.

Please join me at where I will be able to utilize more advanced blogging tools as I navigate through Blogholster software. The software is provided at no cost by the NC NAACP to the local branches and any member and family members. I encourage all NAACP branches and members to create a free weblog so that we can move the NC NAACP Conference of Branches into the 21st Century of Communication. By doing this we can make sure that the work of the NC NAACP will be publicized by us and not characterized by outside forces.

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