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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Edgecombe County Democratic Party meets to replace Gladys Shelton treasurer post. Part 3 Talking about Diversity Message from Rev. Higgs

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  • At Thu Sep 01, 11:53:00 PM 2005, Blogger The Political Agitator said…

    Several months ago I told Rev. Higgs to do not call my home nor my cell because I didn't appreciate how he talk to the women in the Democratic Party especially the Chair and Precinct Chairs. I faxed a copy to the Edgecombe County Sheriff Department. I know of others who have told Rev. Higgs to stop calling them as well.

    I was on my cell phone when I received this message and did not answer the beep. Not knowing who it was I redialed the number and it was Rev. Roosevelt Higgs. He said, "Did you get my message?" and I said it had not come through yet. Rev. Higgs said you all played right in my hands last night and I said how can you say I played into your hands when I have no voting power. He said but Andre Knight'em they have messed up now because of them the white people are going to come back to the party and some other black folks too. I said okay and I hung up. I then played the message.

    The message from Rev. Higgs in my opinion could be considered a threat.

    It is a damn shame we have to put up with Negroes like this political pimp. The sad part is it is not us (that Rev. Higgs referred to) who played into his hand but those safe Negroes like the Board of Education Chair Evelyn Wilson, Nellie Johnson Hunter Precinct Chair 12-4 who is the mother of the newly elected treasurer Stephanie Hunter, Mrs. Ethel Ruffin-Collier Precinct Chair 3-1, Ms. Doris Howington Precinct 6-1 and Whitakers Elected Official, Mr. George Barnes Precinct Chair 10 - 1, Ms. Gloria Cotton Vice Chair Precinct 10 -1 and the white committee members who supported Rev. Higgs mess at this meeting and those who have supported his mess in other meetings. The Chair Penny-Boone also voted along with these safe Negroes when Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight was elected 3rd Vice Chair.

    Rev. Higgs has a problem with Knight, and Rocky Mount City Councilman Reuben Blackell. Rev. Higgs supported Barnhill (Black) who ran against Knight in the 2003 Election and Rev. Higgs supported 30 yr. term Mayor Fred Turnage (White)over Blackwell in 2003 as well. Because I am Andre's 2nd Vice President in the NAACP and friends with Blackwell Rev. Higgs can't stand that we are connected and making some things happen.

    Folks it is time to wake up and shut down the Rev. Higgs in our counties and the safe Negroes who continue to hold us right where we are.


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