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Saturday, August 27, 2005

The NAACP should be at the forefront of these types of racial discrimination lawsuits

by Curmilus Dancy II

School board to pay $250,000 to settle discrimination lawsuit

Now this is some good stuff. I have been involved in the school system as an advocate for education since the early 90's. I have seen some things happen. I have seen how a school system will treat someone who will call them out on the blatant racism.

In 1993 some children staged a walkout at SouthWest Edgecombe High School (my old high school) because a white coach had grabbed a black student around the neck in the hallway. I will never forget it. I was at the NAACP Convention that Thursday night when I received the call from several students asking me to come to the school on that following Friday to help them deal with the administration. I went to work at 5:00 AM that morning and worked 4 hours and I went to the school with my video camera. The meeting that morning was lead by the SGA President a white male who addressed the administration about how they felt about the coach's behavior.

The meeting was resolved and things began to move forward. However I was told that the principal tried to connect a black teacher to the incident saying she was responsible for the walkout. I understand the principal and the superintendent tried to remove this teacher from the school and reassign her to another school. It didn't happen.

I was later invited to the cornfield by the principal because after the walkout incident a couple of us started up an organization called (P.I.E.) Partners in Education whereby we were getting black males to volunteer to spend some time in the school system to make copies and other to impact the black males in the schools. A group of so-called powers that be black folks, ministers, bankers, a board member and a couple of others met with the principal and they didn't act on the statement. The Rocky Mount/Edgecombe NAACP where I was the vice president had called for the principal's resignation. The president and a couple of others met with the Principal and wouldn't allow me to attend. The situation just blew over.

Because we have so many sell out Negroes (Need to Grow) black folks that do not deal with real issues, the type of behavior that happened in Forsyth County is the reason why many black school administrators are afraid to speak up. Thank you Decoma Love-Lane for standing up for what is right.

Because I am vocal I have had a white principal #1 to try to keep my daughter from making the "A" Honor Roll and my wife and I had to deal with the issue that entire summer until we finally got it corrected. I was on the School Improvement Team and I had called this principal out because he had the audacity to get on the intercom and call all the black males to the auditorium during a school day to give them a message because black males were singled out as a problem in the school system. I just hate my son was not at the school because I would have pushed it further. The black assistant principal didn't speak out. The principal was moved the next year and the assistant principal.

The next principal #2 came in and I sent him out shortly afterwards because he was catering to the white female teachers who wanted to have their way. I was on the School Improvement Team and these women wanted me off because I was holding them accountable. The principal kicked me off of the team because he told me in his office that the white women were afraid of me having a talk show. If they were doing their job, what was the problem?

During the PTO Election/Report Card Pick Up night I asked the black assistant principal what happened to the names that were submitted for the different offices because this was a lily white board and the white principal said that he was going to have me removed from the meeting because I was disrupting the meeting and he would have me removed from the campus. I didn't say anymore because I know when to talk. Mind you I had my video camera rolling so I was not out of order.

After the election was over and we proceeded to the classrooms to pick up the report cards. I asked my daughter's math teacher about a question on her quiz that we felt was not clear. Everyone who we talked to thought the question was unclear also. The teacher said okay. The principal followed me around after the election was present and he said that the issue with Math Quiz was a done deal and he was going to call the police on me. I told him to go ahead. I then went across the hall to another teacher's room.

The principal called the police and after I finished talking with the teachers I went outside and waited on the Sheriff Deputy. When he arrived the Pinetops Police Chief who who responded to the school but the school was out of his jurisdiction. The Chief and I told the deputy that the principal was inside. When the deputy returned he said the principal wanted me off the campus. I said what did I do? He said the principal just wanted me off the campus. I said can I get a police report and he said there will not be a report because this was not really a call.

I was barred from the school and I appealed it to the appeals committee and I strongly believe the appeals committee was on my side but I am almost sure the superintendent made the final decision because he had the authority to not go along with the appeals committee. The superintendent responded the next day saying that he was upholding the principal's decision. So what was the purpose of meeting with the appeals committee? The assistant principal could have played a role in the situation but she was just elevated to an assistant principal's position.

About two months later this principal #2 was moved to the alternative school. This principal had been transferred to my daughter's school in July to begin the school year and he was completely out of the system by December.

And then it was principal #3 who came in and overrode principal #2 decision about me being disbarred from the campus. My daughter was playing volleyball and they only had one game left when I was barred from the school. I had a talk show on the radio and instead of getting someone to sit in for me that day I went to the station. If I didn't have the talk show I would have gone to the school and made the principal call the police out so that I could get the situation into court. My daughter went on to play basketball so I was back at the school videoing all of the games.

Principal #3 left at the end of the school year and then it was principal #4 a young black male who was an assistant principal at the SouthWest High School for a few months and then elevated to principal to take over the helm of this school with all these issues. I strongly feel that he was put there to appease the black community but I told people that it was a bad idea because this young brother was not seasoned enough to deal with the white female teachers there. It was not a good year for the brother and now he has one year left on his contract so it is going to be interesting to see what happens this year. I am not going to say anymore than I tried to work with the brother but it didn't happen and the good thing is that my daughter is no longer at that school.

My point here is that we have some racial issues in the school system and they are not being addressed by the administration due to the fear of retaliation.

Again I ask the question was the NAACP involved in the Forsyth County school issue? Maybe they were involved. I do know that Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II a candidate for President of the NC NAACP State Conference of Branches will be involved in issues such as this if he is made aware of them. I can't say that about the current President Melvin (Skip) Alston.


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