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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Edgecombe County Democratic Party meets to replace Gladys Shelton treasurer post. Part 2 Talking about Diversity

by Curmilus Dancy II

This is my account of what took place at the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee on Tuesday, August 30, 2005 where safe Negroes had a chance to do what they do best, sell out black folks. It was tough looking back at the video taking notes of how safe Negroes continue to hold us just where we are. Now you can take my account with a grain of salt however I will challenge anyone, anytime and anywhere about my account.

Genotre J. Penny-Boone (black) chairwoman called the meeting to order Rev. Roosevelt Higgs (Black)1st Vice Chair followed with a prayer and in the prayer he asked God to come into the mix, that the business of this meeting that come before the committee will be done in decency and in order. Robert Byrd (White) 2nd Vice Chairman followed with the pledge of allegiance.

The agenda was adopted and a quorum was confirmed by Jetta K. Baker (Black) Secretary.

Ruth Cherry (White) precinct chair 13-1 asked that the minutes reflect that she sent a proxy for the last meeting and it was not honored by the chairwoman Penny-Boone. Penny-Boone stated that she called Cherry and apologized to her. Minutes were approved with the necessary corrections.

The treasurer's report was given by Gladys Shelton (White) treasurer. The substaining fund was the biggest expense and half of the county's substaining fund was paid. Rev. Higgs who had a copy of the treasurer's report questioned the expense of 2 checks. Rev. Higgs asked were they for a past meeting or the current meeting? The answer was for the 1st meeting. Penny-Boone said there are receipts. Treasurer's report was accepted. Penny-Boone stressed that she wanted to try to pay all of the substaining fund so she asked the committee to donate to the cause and if there are any money left they will be put in the general fund to have some operating funds. Rev. Higgs interjected stating that we were fortunate to have Joyce Mitchell (Black) Democratic Party Eastern Political Director for the State and that the Edgecombe County Substaining Fund had been met saying that it was stated in a Democratic Party Conference on last Sunday. Mitchell corrected Rev. Higgs and said that was not true that Edgecombe County name was called out because they were one that had not paid in full.

Joyce Mitchell was asked to come to the podium to give some remarks. She explained her role as the Eastern Political Director for the State NC Democratic Party. She stated she has 38 counties from the Virginia line to the South Carolina line. She stated she looked forward to working with Edgecombe County and she is definitely not a stranger to the county because she worked for former Senator John Edwards for 5 years and with former Congresswoman Eva Clayton for several years.

Rev. Higgs wanted to go back to the treasurer's report. He wanted to know were there anymore outstanding receipts out and Penny-Boone stated that she had one receipt for postage but she wanted to hold it until we could get some more funds in the account. Baker Secretary stated that she was donating services to the party. Rev. Higgs said that he wanted the record to show that all expenses be turned in 5 days to the chair Penny-Boone and if they don't they have to hold them for 30 days. Penny-Boone to put it in a form of a motion and she said you heard the motion are you ready to vote? Ruth Cherry said since you say we heard it repeat it. Penny-Boone repeated the motion and the motion was approved. Rev. Higgs asked the Penny-Boone would she abide by that motion and she said she will turn in her receipt at the end of the meeting. Gladys Shelton said she wanted to report to stay as is tonight because when she turn in the books she wanted the book to reflect her report.

Penny-Boone congratulated Gladys Shelton and Samuel Branch (Black) on their appointments to the Edgecombe County Board of Elections. Penny-Boone said she didn't know of anyone who wanted to fill the unexpired term of Shelton so the floor was open. Rev. Higgs said that he didn't want to prolong the time but he wanted to say that the Democratic Party should continue to show diversity when replacing Shelton. He said the treasurer positon should be replaced with a white or if another officer should take the post that there position would be replaced with a white. Penny-Boone stated that race was taken in consideration when searching for a replacement.

Penny-Boone called for nomination for the office of treasurer. There were no nominations. Byrd (White) said he tried to get someone but none was willing to serve. Penny-Boone continued pleading for a nominee and she said she guess she would have to serve as chair and the treasurer and Rev. Higgs probably knew more about that. Rev. Higgs said he thought it would be a conflict. He said this may open the door. After 3 minutes of call for nomination of a treasurer Rev. Higgs finally said that Stephanie Hunter (Black) current 3rd Vice Chair of the County Party had stated an interest in of moving over to treasurer. Hunter was elected the new treasurer.

Penny-Boone called for nomination for 3rd Vice Chair. Rocky Mount City Councilman Reuben Blackwell (Black) nominated Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight (38 yrs. old) (Black). Rev. Higgs then nominated Precinct Chair 13-1 Ruth Cherry (an elderly white female), Edgecombe County Commissioner T.C. Cherry's sister. Gladys Shelton (White) stated that she was not opposed to anyone but she thought we were trying to get it racial divisive that we are trying to get a white. Rev. Higgs said that this is why he nominated Cherry. Councilman Blackwell asked what do the Plan of Organization states. Joyce Mitchell Eastern Political Director interjected what the plan states but said that the committee is not bound to the diversity piece but it is encouraged. Jetta Baker Secretary read that during the replacement of unexpired terms the committee could replace the vacancy without the normal diversity thing. Mitchell stated that is why she said it is just a recommendation.

A Khamala from Democracy NC did a short presentation on Same Day Registration while the votes were being tallied.

Rocky Mount City Councilman Andre Knight and Nash/Rocky Mount NAACP President was elected 3rd Vice Chair with a total of 54.5 votes for Knight and 44 votes for Ruth Cherry.

Other items on the agenda was County Party Assessment Survey, Consideration of Committees, Consideration of Fundraiser, October/November Elections, Other Business and Announcements.

As the Chairwoman Penny-Boone was about to close the meeting Rocky Mount Councilman Reuben Blackwell congratulated those who were elected to offices. He also said he was pleased to see such a level of committment to diversity that he hope to see it when it comes to electing and appointing county appointed positions that the positions are balanced racially so that the people of Edgecombe County will see those who look like them in positions and they will get involved in the process. He said let's take that same level of committment and excitment with us and we will see a stronger Democratic Party. Penny-Boone said she agreed with him wholeheartedly because a young person told her they would attend the meetings but they heard the party just come to fuss.

Rev. Higgs added that he wanted the record to show that the County Party and the State Democratic Party did not carry out the Board of Elections appointments properly because Gladys Shelton name was not brought before the County Party. He said that he hope the committee will put some safeguards in place and he would bring those to the next meeting.

Penny-Boone said if there is nothing else meeting stand adjourned.

TPA: Rev. Higgs is the damn problem and has been since the early 90's when I began to serve on the County Executive Committee. Check out Rev. Higgs his - story.

It is a damn shame that Shelton (White) had the audacity to stand up talking about race when in the 90's she and some in the white community formed a group called Edgecombe First to unseat Clerk of Court Carol White (Black). Unfortunately Edgecombe First was successful but White regained her seat in the following election.

After the meeting I approached Shelton and told her that it was an insult to Samuel Branch (Black) that she would nominate a REBUBLICAN (White) for secretary of the Board of Elections when she and Branch are Democrats along with the 1 Republican. The Republican nominated Shelton for the chair positon and Gladys said she nominated the Republican to keep it balanced. Do you think that if it was 2 Republicans that they would give up an office to a Democrat? I don't think so. This case show that Gladys was willing to nominate a Republican before she would nominate a young black male teacher. This is how Gladys and some other whites vote in all elections but then have the audacity to talk about diversity.

Again I say the hell with diversity within the Edgecombe County Democratic Party if we are not going to use the same energy to reflect all elections, appointments and etc. where black folks are not given the opportunity to serve.

See Part III tomorrow which will feature a message from Rev. Roosevelt Higgs during a phone conversation that I received today.

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