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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Politics in the 1st Congressional District

Edgecombe Dems spar over election board nominees - The Democratic candidates' names for appointment to the Edgecombe County Board of Elections have been released, surprising some members of the county party. Gary Bartlett, executive director of the N.C. State Board of Elections, said the names submitted to him in order of preference are Samuel Branch, Gladys Shelton and incumbent Dorothy Davis. Incumbent Charles Rountree is not on the list.
The Political Agitator - I was totally shocked to read the paper on yesterday to see that Gladys Shelton's name has been submitted to the State Board of Elections. I am glad that the whole board makeup will possibly change because I was not pleased with Dorothy Davis performance on this board. The local party should have submitted all new names anyway. Here we go again. Rev. Roosevelt Higgs complained that he was concerned about the make up of this board should be one white and one black. Now the names reflect such and he is still complaining. As I stated in my email to Amanda during her first story that she wanted to do a big story and that I felt that in the end this would be a big story because I felt this would backfire on Higgs. I say I was right because Shelton was involved with the mess that Higgs started and other mess that he has created and now it appears she has betrayed him and Attorney Charles Rountree. I remember clearly the night of the Democratic Party meeting concerning the appointment of the board members that Shelton and Rountree were huddled up outside after the meeting discussing that his name was going to be submitted as the third person. I am not pleased at all that Shelton's name has been submitted but it is beyond my control. When it is all over I expect our State Chair to come to Edgecombe County to address the local party to bring some closure to all of this mess. Stay tuned for what happened at the local Board of Elections meeting on yesterday. I found it strange that no reporter from the Rocky Mount Telegram attended yesterday's meeting after breaking this story on the day of the meeting, however The Daily Southerner had a reporter Matthew Whittle present.


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