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Friday, June 03, 2005

Edgecombe Dems turn to state party

Members of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party's executive committee submitted a petition to the state party Wednesday in hopes of having the two Democratic incumbents on the county board of elections reappointed this year. The Rev. Roosevelt Higgs, vice chairman of the county party, said the petition has 80 percent support of the executive committee. He said Chairwoman Genotre Penny-Boone did not sign the petition. The petition was created because the committee is not aware of the priority given to three candidates for the county's two board of elections appointments, Higgs said. The state party's Plan of Organization states the top two candidates on the list are typically the ones who are recommended to the N.C. State Board of Elections for appointments.

TheWatchDog - It is a shame and disgrace that the local party has to put up with this crook who has voted twice in the past which made him a convicted felon. He had to petition Governor Hunt to get his citizenship restored and every since he has been back in the party he has been the one to feed the local Republican Party about what is going on inside of the Democratic Party. What in the hell is it to petition when the State Democratic Party Plan of Organization gives the County Chairs the authority to prioritize the names before sending them to the State Headquarters. All those folks who signed the petition that I have not seen is just as screwed up as Roosevelt Higgs because this goes to show that they do not respect the newly elected County Chair. During the last Board of Elections meeting Higgs had the audacity to give the local Republican chair a copy of a new program that the newly elected State Democratic Party Chair has put in place. This is pertaining to a "Study Commission" for various areas in the political arena. Higgs gave the Republican chair the information right after I had just told the Republican chair that Higgs feeds them infromation about the Democratic Party and when Higgs walked back in the room from his vehicle to get the form, this is when he gave the form to the Republican chair and the Rocky Mount Telegram reporter Amanda Lingerfelt. The real problem here is that Higgs has no connections with the new chair. He is upset because Samuel Branch didn't vote for him when he was elected vice chair of the party at the county convention. Higgs called several executive committee members who did not and have never attended a Democratic Party meeting. A Nash-Rocky Mount School Board Member asked me on Tuesday what was going on with the Board of Elections and when I told him, he said he wanted to know because he had received a call from Roosevelt Higgs. Higgs has called several folks and told them that I told him how the names were sent in a certain order when in fact I have no idea and do not care. Miss Lingerfelt I dare you do some homework and check around and to see that other county parties are making changes as it relates to the Board of Elections appointments. I dare you to go to the Board of Elections Office and request information on how the makeup of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Board of Elections appointments over the years. I dare you to look at the video of the meeting that took place that Higgs is complaining about. I will provide you with the video whenever you would like to view it. Once you view it, I dare you to interview some of the people who attended the meeting including myself who is not an executive committee member by choice. I understand you are new here and you are trying to find that right story to put you on the map. You may have found it because I hope this mess turn out to be much bigger than Higgs intentions are. I didn't ask you to write down your contact information at the meeting when Higgs asked you for it and later Rudolph Knight and then Melvin Muhammad. I gave you a card with my information, however my name is like a household item at the Rocky Mount Telegram. I asked you to email me with your information for one reason only and that was to see if you would honor my request as you said you would. I have since tried to email you by using your name @ coxnews but I have not received a response from you, however the first message I sent you came back as if the email address was not valid. Maybe you and Sue Stuart from the Daily Southerner can get together since I see you are following her lead as the two of you are catering to Higgs. Oh by the way Miss Lingerfelt welcome to Edgecombe County by way of Pitt County from what I was told.

It is a damn shame that we have folks who will allow this crook to lead them.

State Democratic Party may intervene in BOE selections - 2001
Note: I was quoted at this meeting and I didn't say anything. I videoed the meeting and the sad part is that the reporter was not present but did the story from a dialogue with Roosevelt Higgs.

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